Silhouette v6.1.7 Released


Avoid Duplicate Names in Exported Nuke Shapes
Nuke can’t handle shapes and layers with the same name, so the exporter now generates unique names if necessary.

Splash Screen on Startup
Enabled splash screen during startup.

Bug Fixes

Bezier Spline Conversion – Size Differences
There was a size difference when converting open B-Spline or X-Splines to Bezier shapes.

Trees Window Crash
Under certain circumstances, clicking in the Trees window would cause a crash.

X-Spline Open Shape End Point Artifact
End points of some open X-Splines could have an artifact on the shape’s end point.

Zoom and Pan Problem
If the zoom pop-up menu was set to 200% or 300% in the Viewer and then the Space-Bar was used to pan, the image in the Viewer snapped to 100% zoom.

Silhouette v6.1.7 can be downloaded from here: