Kolor Autopano Video 3.0 Release


The final version for Autopano Video 3.0 is now available! Autopano Video 3.0 is packed with new features that makes VR creators workflow easier and faster.

Autopano Video 3.0 is also much faster than the previous versions: NVIDIA users can get up to 5 times better previewing performances and up to 3 times better rendering performances thanks to the implementation of CUDA technology.

Autopano Video Pro licenses purchased on or after May 17, 2017 are eligible for a FREE upgrade.

Change Log:


D.WARP technology offers a new way to stitch footage from the GoPro Omni rig and dramatically reduces the need for post-processing. Just click on the D.WARP button and many stitching errors due to parallax will be removed. It works for both static and moving shots! We have 3 presets to cover most of the situations:

Prioritize space: “Try to correct as much parallax artifact as possible: correction can be very different from one frame to another.” You should use it when everything is moving in your scene, and when you have fast space or subject changes.
Prioritize time: “Try to correct parallax artifact with greater respect to temporal coherency: moving objects can be less corrected but your background won’t be moving.” You should use it for a static camera scene.Warning: computation can be long using this mode.
Still mode: a medium D.WARP will be computed for your entire sequence and won’t be changing over time. Use for static camera and when the content is changing/moving extremely slowly or not changing at all.

This feature can be used with 3 or more cameras, both partial and full-spherical rigs are supported.

GPU – CUDA accelerations

The preview in Autopano Video 3, using CUDA accelerations, can be up to 5 times faster than before. And the rendering time can be divided by a factor 3. The software capabilities will highly depend on your NVidia card and driver versions. We recommend using at least a GTX 760. For now 4K UHD inputs are not supported. Make sure to take a look at the “known issues” section at the end of the change log to see what is supported in CUDA workflow. Note that this feature is only avalaible on Windows and Linux.

Individual camera export for post processing

From the new batch renderer you are now able to export individually each camera warped on the sphere. You will have an alpha layer if you are using CineForm ‘high’ 4444 or ProRes 4444 XQ. This allow you to work on your stitching / cutting / masking in a post processing software. To use this feature you just need to check the box ‘export individual video’ in the render window.

Improved batch renderer

We worked a lot on the new batch renderer. You are now able to change the settings of a project directly into the batch render list without opening it, you can open the directory or the file rendered with a right-click and and you are also able to reorganize your rendering list.

Display frontiers in the preview

Autopano Video 3.0 allows you to display the frontiers between your cameras directly into the preview. We added a small icon for that under the preview.

Timecode support

This new version supports timecode that allows videos from any genlocked rig to be directly imported in Autopano Video Pro without the need to synchronize the videos again. On the export side of things, you can either choose your start time in the render box or pass-through the source timecodes. The burn-in function will also help you working with proxy files in post-processing. This feature works with solutions offered by 3d-party companies like Timecode Systems, and results to a faster and more precise workflow. Have a look at this quick tip video to learn more about timecode support.

GoPro VR live preview

This new feature gives you the ability to preview the 360 video you’re working on in GoPro VR player, our free MacOS / Windows VR player. GoPro VR player is compatible with the Oculus and HTC Vive which will allow you to preview your footage in a VR headset without exporting your video or leaving Autopano Video Pro! To use this feature you will need GoPro VR Player 3.0.x. Make sure not to rename the version during the installation.

Frictionless Nuke / Autopano Video Pro workflow

Whenever a user imports an Autopano Video Pro project into Nuke, their nodes will be created automatically, providing a seamless workflow they can immediately apply to Cara VR. With a robust bridge between the two apps, Foundry and GoPro customers can access the right tool for the job, at every stage of their workflow.

New Name / New Logo

Autopano Video Pro and Autopano Video are now only one software: Autopano Video. Autopano Video 3 also come with a brand new icon. Please visit our FAQ for more informations.

Autopano Video 3.0 requires at least Windows 7 or Mac OS X 10.10.

Fixes since 2.6.2

– [ALPS-200] : User can warp Omni content in AVP, using all GPU modes
– [ALPS-203] : Use input video timecode for synchronization
– [ALPS-213] : Color correction working with WARP
– [ALPS-216] : Burn-in timecode into exported videos
– [ALPS-217] : Warp compatible CPU / KGPU – OpenCL implementation
– [ALPS-220] : Add timecode to output videos
– [ALPS-468] : [BUG] Crash in undo exposure scaler
– [ALPS-483] : Display stitch lines in AVP
– [ALPS-487] : Make iso edge cutting compatible with mask points and circular crop
– [ALPS-488] : Warp compatibility / integration with rolling shutter compensation
– [ALPS-501] : [BUG] Check ISO EDGE mask and diffusion differences
– [ALPS-502] : Warp support for all OMNI modes
– [ALPS-503] : Integrate WARP in OMNI importer
– [ALPS-509] : Study OMNI warp quality using 9 different contents
– [ALPS-519] : Review and finalize all timecode uses
– [ALPS-538] : [BUG] Warp not compatible with ERS
– [ALPS-539] : [BUG] Iso-edge cut not applied when importing videos
– [ALPS-603] : Study sample repartition for warp
– [ALPS-612] : CPU renderer compatible with Omni warp
– [ALPS-626] : Warp compatibility with stitching changes
– [ALPS-694] : Code refactoring around WARP integration
– [ALPS-696] : Study and block OMNI warp incompatibilities with current features
– [ALPS-697] : Discuss UX/UI for WARP
– [ALPS-901] : Generic D.WARP Corner solver
– [ALPS-902] : Show render settings in batch projects
– [ALPS-903] : Optim matching for D.WARP
– [ALPS-906] : [BUG] Warp not working as expected
– [ALPS-918] : CUDA Blending mode support
– [ALPS-919] : CM Blending mode support
– [ALPS-920] : Smart cut mode support CUDA CM
– [ALPS-1001] : [BUG] Preview, tools, … are closed when minimizing and maximizing AVP main window
– [ALPS-1030] : Tune (and expose?) D.WARP parameters
– [ALPS-1032] : Template based on stitch or camera knowledge
– [ALPS-1034] : Transform batch renderer tool in dialog box
– [ALPS-1035] : Make render settings editable in new batch renderer
– [ALPS-1036] : Generic corner extraction for N cameras (no holes)
– [ALPS-1038] : Insure consistency between different D.WARP states
– [ALPS-1046] : Parallax timeline : Enable shortcut
– [ALPS-1053] : Disable masks when D.WARP is enabled
– [ALPS-1063] : [BUG] Color correction progress bar is not progressive anymore
– [ALPS-1064] : [BUG] Motion synchronization is broken
– [ALPS-1072] : [BUG] CM is IsoEdge working?
– [ALPS-1073] : [BUG] CM YUV to RGB gives brighter results
– [ALPS-1074] : [BUG] Crash when rendering UHD or HD from AVP with CUDA
– [ALPS-1075] : [BUG] Out of memory error when changing blending mode on CUDA
– [ALPS-1076] : [BUG] 360 boundary conditions not respected with CUDA
– [ALPS-1077] : [BUG] Green rendering on CUDA
– [ALPS-1081] : [BUG] Crash when warping a generic rig
– [ALPS-1091] : [BUG] OpenCL.dll missing on Windows 10 Creator Update
– [ALPS-1092] : [BUG] null pointer access when rendering stereo project
– [ALPS-1094] : [BUG] crash when encoding cineform avi
– [ALPS-1104] : [BUG] crash when changing blend mode in general settings
– [ALPS-1141] : Individual layer export with alpha
– [ALPS-1142] : [BUG] CUDA memory leak when seeking in the preview
– [ALPS-1143] : [BUG] CUDA color correction wrongly applied
– [ALPS-1152] : [BUG] CUDA rendering is not working with 2.7K inputs
– [ALPS-1155] : [BUG] GPGPU – CUDA rendered videos are slower than real time
– [ALPS-1158] : [BUG] Drag’n’dropping a CineForm render in the batch won’t render the right project size
– [ALPS-1179] : Update AVP new CLUF/EULA
– [ALPS-1181] : [BUG] crash on parallax compensation quit
– [ALPS-1220] : [BUG] Audio rendered not compatible with Adobe apps
– [ALPS-1221] : Enable GPGPU (CUDA) mode
– [ALPS-1227] : [BUG] Gear 360 – 2017 videos crash in AVP
– [ALPS-1229] : Not full spherical rig support in D.WARP
– [ALPS-1232] : [BUG] Photo Timelapses not detected in Omni Importer
– [ALPS-1245] : Rename Autopano Video Pro into Autopano Video
– [ALPS-1246] : Change Autopano Video Icons
– [ALPS-1248] : Change processing settings for GPU/CPU/KGPU
– [ALPS-1268] : [BUG] Reduce Kava file size when warp is computed
– [ALPS-1273] : Constant D.Warp over range
– [ALPS-1283] : [BUG] Size limit (8192) to switch from GPU to CPU was not set correctly for videos
– [ALPS-1310] : [BUG] Crash in D.Warp Topology
– [ALPS-1312] : [BUG] Crash in D.Warp Topology : vector Dtor
– [ALPS-1313] : [BUG] Crash in D.Warp : hasParallaxCompensation
– [ALPS-1317] : [BUG] Batch manager does not display the correct rendering engine
– [ALPS-1318] : [BUG] Masks are not discarded when computing rig topology for D.WARP
– [ALPS-1335] : [BUG] Crash in Omni Importer when seeking in chaptered videos
– [ALPS-1336] : Integrate new warp map diffusion
– [ALPS-1347] : [BUG] Artifacts in label map used in topology
– [ALPS-1349] : [BUG] Desactivate parallax compensation UI when needed
– [ALPS-1351] : Still images D.WARP in OMNI Importer
– [ALPS-1352] : Test CUDA with other than 2 or 6 camera rigs
– [ALPS-1361] : [BUG] No Audio output with CUDA
– [ALPS-1364] : Update CLUF/EULA for Autopano Video
– [ALPS-1367] : [BUG] CUDA pipeline used if SW decoder
– [ALPS-1368] : [BUG] Color veil with 3 cam rig (CUDA)
– [ALPS-1376] : [BUG] Crash in convertAndInterpolateWarpToSourceSpace
– [ALPS-1379] : [BUG] pixel apsect ratio false in do not keep mode
– [ALPS-1381] : Analytics refactoring
– [ALPS-1390] : [BUG] Open Recent files does not work on mac
– [ALPS-1441] : [BUG] Batch Manager restarts everytime even paused
– [ALPS-1483] : [BUG] DWARP crashes on Imac late 2015 (GeForce GT 650 M)
– [ALPS-1484] : [BUG] MacOS : DWARP crashes in CPU mode
– [ALPS-1496] : [BUG] Crash in RANSAC Fisheye : ippmLUDecomp_m_32f with recent intel card Intel Core i7 7800X @ 3.50GHz
– [ALPS-1507] : [BUG] “Parallax Compensation is not supported” wrongly displayed before stitching
– [ALPS-1521] : Parallax Topology not handled long term fix : unsupported rig topologies
– [ALPS-1626] : [BUG] Parallax Topology not handled short term fix : increase label map rendering size
– [ALPS-1642] : [BUG] D.WARP broken with CM
– [ALPS-1679] : [BUG] Encoding fails : Uncompressed output format
– [ALPS-1680] : [BUG] Anaglyph render is broken
– [ALPS-1681] : [BUG] Preview in GoProVRPlayer : auto-start the player when clicking on the button
– [ALPS-1754] : [BUG] Corrupted weight map with KGPURenderer
– [ALPS-1800] : [BUG] CUDA not compatible with watermarks
– [ALPS-2551] : [BUG] RGB / BGR bug with CUDA
– [ALPS-2647] : [BUG] Crash in PanoVideoDef::isParallaxCompensationSupported()
– [ALPS-2653] : [BUG] Crash caused by division by 0 in GPGPU multiband
– [ALPS-2655] : [BUG] crash on fisheye circle detection
– [ALPS-2682] : [BUG] Prores encododer broken in CUDA workflow
– [ALPS-2683] : [BUG] Frame output not working in CUDA workflow
– [ALPS-2691] : [BUG] OpenCL image creation crash on version prior to OpenCL1.2
– [ALPS-2696] : [BUG] Memory overflow causing crashes in CUDA video decoding
– [ALPS-2697] : Activate CUDA accelerations on Linux (no official support)
– [ALPS-2716] : [BUG] For D.WARP computation, less efficient GPU can sometimes be used over better GPUs