The Furnace tools all use state-of-the-art technology, much of it hinging on motion estimation, to reduce the hard grind of day-to-day compositing. The Furnace and FurnaceCore plug-ins sets tackle several key areas: Repair & Restoration, Grain Management, Matte & Roto Assist, Optical Flow, Sequence Stabilization & Alignment and Texture Generation – all designed to save you time on everyday tasks. FurnaceCore is included as standard with NukeX, and is additionally available on Avid DS and Apple Final Cut Pro.


Furnace 4.2v5 Features

Retiming and Speed Ramping

  • F_Kronos - used to change the speed of a clip. The algorithm uses motion-estimation technology to generate motion vectors that describe where each pixel is moving from frame to frame. This is then used to build in-between frames in a sequence. The images above show a blend (left) to create a new frame and a sharp frame (right) created using our vectors. Motion blur is automatically created when speeding up clips. Much of our research has concentrated on reducing the edge-dragging between foreground and background objects.
  • F_MotionBlur - uses the Foundry's advanced motion estimation technology to add realistic motion blur to a sequence. F_MotionBlur uses the same techniques and technology as the motion blur found in F_Kronos but presents the controls in a less complex, more user friendly way.
  • F_VectorGenerator - a utility plug-in that generates motion vectors. These vectors can then be used as inputs to other Furnace plug-ins. Since motion estimation is a computationally expensive process, the ability to generate the vectors offline then use the results interactively later will speed up the compositing process.

Noise and Grain Management

  • F_DeNoise - removes noise and grain from a sequence using motion estimation to average pixels along the direction of motion. This reduces noise without softening the image. F_DeNoise has been used extensively on many films, lately including King Kong.
  • F_DeGrain - uses a wavelet-based degraining algorithm to perform both spatial and temporal grain-reduction based on an initial grain selection made by the user. Temporal grain-reduction is automatically activated for image regions where the motion between frames can be reliably used to perform frame blending and thereby reducing the softening of the image.
  • F_ReGrain - takes grain sampled from one clip and applies it to another. The technique uses pixel-level statistical techniques to produce arbitrarily large regions of new grain blended onto the target footage. Grain from some sample film stocks are also included.

Shot Stabilisation and Alignment

  • F_Steadiness - automatically tracks and removes translational and rotational camera shake, without requiring the user to select tracking points. This helps where insufficient stable points exist for conventional tracking, or where good data points continually move off the screen during a sequence. The algorithm also allows motion-smoothing, where high-frequency camera shake can be removed without affecting the underlying camera motion. The algorithm can also be used to remove scale and minor perspective shifts.
  • F_Align - arguably one of the most powerful plug-ins in Furnace, F_Align can be used for stabilisation and match moving. In its most basic form it attempts to line up two images without having to select tracking points. The image on the left shows two clips shot from a hand held camera. The image on the right shows both images aligned and composited.

Shot Clean-up and Restoration

  • F_RigRemoval - uses motion-estimation technology to remove foreground objects from a clip and reconstruct a clean background. The user loosely highlights the foreground object, and provided there is sufficient motion of the foreground relative to the background, visible fragments of background elsewhere in the sequence are extracted to fill the rig region.
  • F_WireRemoval - removes wires from an image. It is particularly good on complex shots where background replacement is not possible, for example, when wires cross the actors or where wires cross complex moving backgrounds like trees or smoke. Rather than relying on traditional edge-stitching or cloning techniques, the patented algorithm performs complex signal processing to subtract the wire from the original image while preserving grain and background detail.
  • F_MatchGrade -  It is often necessary to match the colours of one clip with those of another. When filming outside at different times of the day you will inevitably get colour and luminance differences that will have to be corrected if the sequences are to be composited or edited together. You can, of course, use colour correction tools and trial and error to try and match the clips. But this tends to be time-consuming and requires some considerable skill. F_MatchGrade does it all for you by automatically modifing the colour histogram of an image to match a reference image.
  • F_DirtRemoval - automatically detects and removes dust and dirt in a sequence. The algorithm produces a seamless repair by taking motion compensated pixels from the surrounding frames and interpolating them into the dirt region. The areas marked as dirt are shown in the alpha channel.
  • F_DeFlicker2 - designed to remove in-scene flicker, poorly synchronised light rigs, stray light etc. It can also remove multiple overlapping phase different flickers while adapting to cope with motion in the sequence.


 Feature Compatibility Matrix



Specifications & Licensing

System Requirements:

Host Requirements

Furnace integrates with some of the leading compositing, editing and DI systems including:

  • Autodesk
  • Nuke
  • Shake
  • Fusion
  • Avid (Furnace Core only)
  • Final Cut (Furnace Core only)

System Requirements by Host Application

For Nuke: Furnace 4.2v2


  1. Nuke 5.1v6 or later. Tested on Nuke 5.2v1
  2. Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux Centos 4.5, Mac OS X
  3. Built for OFX 1.1
  4. Foundry FLEXlm Tools (FFT) (5.0v1 or later) for floating license support.

For eyeon Fusion*: Furnace 4.0v2

This is the first release of Furnace 4.0 targeted at Eyeon's Fusion. These are 32 bit plug-ins.


  1. Fusion 5.21 build 24
  2. Windows XP. (Linux is not supported)
  3. Built for OFX 1.1
  4. Foundry FLEXlm Tools (FFT) (4.0v1 or later) for floating license support.

For Autodesk Sparks / Burn: Furnace 3.1v1

This is a maintenance release of Furnace on Autodesk IFFFS products with licensing removed from the Burn sparks.


  • Flare, Flame, Flint, Inferno, Smoke and Burn
  • Tested on Flare running on Centos 5.3 (64bit) and Flame 2010 SP3 running on Centos 4.3 (64bit) (equivalent to RHEL 4.3)
  • Foundry FLEXlm Tools (FFT) 5.0v1 or later for floating license support.

For Apple Shake: Furnace 4.0v4


  1. Shake 4.10 on Linux (Fedora Core 4) and Shake 4.10 on Mac OS X (Universal Binary).
  2. Foundry FLEXlm Tools (FFT) (4.0v1 or later) for floating license support.

For Avid DS (Furnace Core only): Furnace 1.2v3


  1. Avid DS v10.2 or v10.3
  2. Foundry FLEXlm Tools (FFT) (5.0v1 or later) for floating license support.

*OFX Plug-ins written to the OFX specification are designed to work on any host system that supports OFX plug-ins. In practice, OFX implementation varies from host to host. So for example, you may have an OFX plug-in that works fine in one compositor but not in another. These Furnace for Fusion plug-ins have been written to the OFX 1.1 specification but have been tested only on Fusion 5.21 build 24. They may work on other OFX hosts and you're welcome to try, but they are not supported on them. We are working with all OFX hosts to extend our plug-in support.



Furnace licenses are issued as either floating or node-locked.

All licenses are locked to the computers MAC/Ethernet address.  Download Foundry System ID from the link below.  Once downloaded, launching the program will generate a pop-up with your system ID.  Send your System ID to RFX for licensing.

The Foundry FFT 5.0 License Manager for Furnace and other Foundry Products (FLEXlm tools)

Requirements for FlexLM:

OS X (10.4 & 10.5), Linux Centos 4.5 (32bit or 64bit), Irix 6.5+, Windows XP, Vista or 7.  Other operating systems are likely to work.

Foundry License Tools

Additional Info

Upgrades / Support

The Foundry offers the following Upgrades and Support options:



  • Upgrades from previous versions
  • Upgrades from node-locked to floating


RFX is available for all your support needs.

The Foundry provides Furnace support.



14 to 90 days rentals available for:

  • Furnace
  • Furnace Render Nodes


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Furnace compliments the following applications

  • Autodesk (Sparks)
  • Apple Shake
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  • The Foundry Nuke


Training / Resources

Custom Training:

Go to for custom training from Steve Wright

Steve Wright is a senior visual effects artist and trainer with over 20 years of production experience creating digital effects for over 60 feature films, including three years working with the Digital Intermediate process. As a senior digital compositing artist and 2D Technical Director he has an unusual combination of both artistic and technical understanding of Digital Compositing and Digital Intermediate.

His independent services include:

  • Master Compositing Trainer
  • Nuke & Shake Training
  • Freelance Digital Effects Artist
  • Feature Film Titling
  • Speaker & Lecturer
  • Visual Effects & Digital Intermediate Writer

Online Training:


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