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Whether you’re a developer creating 3D games or a design professional creating real-time visualizations, the Stingray engine helps you produce visually stunning 3D experiences. 


Stingray Features

Design visualization

Direct link to 3ds Max

A live link between 3ds Max 3D modeling, animation, and rendering software and Stingray lets you import, view, modify, and interact with 3D scenes in real time. Once you load a data set into the Stingray engine, any edits you make in 3ds Max update in Stingray and are visible in side-by-side windows. Add 3D content into 3ds Max, such as cars, people, and furniture, and it will appear in Stingray quickly and accurately.

Easy workflow from BIM to interactive

Import BIM-based design data from Revit building design software into 3ds Max to create a photometrically accurate visualization. Then, open that 3D visualization in Stingray to program an interactive experience inside your design for all stakeholders to see and explore in real time. This workflow requires the latest versions of Revit and 3ds Max.

3D rendering in real time

Stingray offers a powerful real-time rendering system that can deliver great-looking environments on a massive scale. In addition to the core rendering technology, Stingray includes physically based materials, post-processed visual effects, advanced particle effects, and lightmap baking features, all which can help you achieve the perfect look and feel for your design data sets.


Art-to-engine workflows

Interoperability between 3ds MaxMayaMaya LT, and Stingray makes it easier for artists and developers to import, view, modify, and interact with 3D content.

  • Connect cameras via a live link between Stingray and 3ds Max, Maya, or Maya LT to better assess how your assets will look in Stingray.
  • Link geometry between Stingray and 3ds Max, Maya, or Maya LT. Use a one-click workflow to update assets in Stingray.
  • Transfer materials created using the physically based material nodes in ShaderFX from 3ds Max, Maya, or Maya LT into Stingray. Reduce time spent creating and editing materials. 

Stunning rendering and visuals

Stingray offers a powerful rendering system that can deliver superb visuals. It also includes a variety of features that can help game makers achieve the desired look and feel of their game.

  • Physically based shading and materials help you create more realistic-looking game worlds that can mimic real-world visual effects.
  • A variety of post-processed visual effects can help game makers of any skill create advanced looks without affecting performance.
  • Create advanced particles, such as lit particles and dynamic shadows, with little extra development work, to add ambiance and feeling to a game.
  • Lightmap baking with Beast global illumination technology can help you create realistic-looking lighting effects with minimal performance impact.
  • A high-performance reflection system allows for more believable and visually impressive game environments.

User-friendly scripting tools

A range of development tools makes it easier for game makers of all skill levels to create game logic.

  • Visual node-based scripting provides a simple authoring environment for nonprogrammers.
  • Lua scripting offers an easy way to make everyday developmental changes to games, and a simple way to add Flow nodes for nonprogrammer team members.
  • C++ source code access, available for additional purchase, offers the highest level of customization and flexibility.

Data-driven core architecture

Stingray is built around a completely data-driven rendering pipeline. This greatly improves the way developers access the core technology behind Stingray, enabling significant changes to the engine without rewriting and recompiling. Stingray's flexible and lightweight design means it can scale up to large game projects.

  • The flow of the rendering pipeline, shaders, and all resource creation and manipulation is defined by the data, enabling use across target platforms and across projects.
  • The data-driven architecture increases flexibility, simplifies debugging and experimentation, and increases potential scalability of the size of the game project.
  • You can access and modify JavaScript Object Notation configuration files more easily, and see the changes implemented quickly within Stingray by using hot reloading functionality to update your game.

Integrated game development tools

Stingray includes a suite of tools used by both indie and AAA developers to create visually arresting games. You get these tools: BeastHumanIKNavigation, UI technology based on Scaleform, Audiokinetic Wwise, and NVIDIA PhysX.

  • Beast is a powerful global illumination tool that produces photorealistic lighting effects by baking lightmaps to minimize performance impact.
  • HumanIK is a full-body inverse kinematics animation system that produces more-realistic animations for bipeds, quadrupeds, and n-peds in any environment, and supports rapid animation re-targeting.
  • Navigation is an artificial intelligence system that helps AI characters move realistically through complex dynamic environments.
  • Scaleform Studio is a user interface tool that helps you create compelling menu systems, UI, and HUDs easily, with profiling tools to help reduce performance impact.
  • Audiokinetic Wwise is an advanced, feature-rich interactive sound engine for games.
  • NVIDIA PhysX provides accurate physics simulation to bring game environments to life. It enables effects in scenes filled with dynamic destruction, particle-based fluids, and lifelike animation. 

Simplified testing and deployment

A live, real-time link between Stingray and multiple target platforms makes it easier to assess gameplay and visuals across all platforms, and then quickly implement changes through Stingray. Use a hot-reloading system to make changes to the game in Stingray, and then see results update in near-real-time on the target platforms. When your game is ready, deploy it to platforms with a single click.

Specifications & Licensing

System Requirements


Operating system

Microsoft® Windows® 7 (SP1) and Windows® 8.1


  • 64-bit Intel® or AMD® multi-core processor; Intel Core i5 or higher recommended.
  • Microsoft® DirectX® 11 compatible video card.
  • 8 GB of RAM or higher
  • 4 GB of free disk space for install
  • Three-button mouse




Stingray is available as a standalone (node-locked) termed rental (desktop subscription)

Additional Info

Upgrades / Support


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Autodesk offers the following Upgrades and Support options:

Maintenance Subscription

  • Software upgrades
  • Exclusive updates
  • Access to training and learning materials
  • Entitlement to use in previous versions
  • Home-Use licensing
  • Enhanced license management tools

Maintenance Subscription / Gold Support

  • Includes all of the Subscription benefits above, plus
  • Unlimited Phone and Web Support
  • Access to SDK and API Support
  • Defect Tracking


 RFX is available for all your support needs.

  • Autodesk provides initial installation support upon purchase
  • Unlimited Phone and Web Support available with Subscription / Gold Support (see above)


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Training / Resources

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