About SpeedTree Architect

SpeedTree Architect is ideal for creating realistic foliage in architectural visualization projects, delivering fast procedural modeling and rendering of a vast range of highly detailed animated trees and plants. Purchase almost any tree species or vegetation you need online from the extensive SpeedTree Model Store. SpeedTree Architect offers many features, including seamless operation with architectural rendering apps like 3ds Max and Rhino, with outputs that are V-Ray and mental ray ready. Exporting options include:
  • FBX: An industry-standard exchange format, SpeedTree Architect comes with scripts for 3ds Max and Maya that ensure a smooth import with special settings specifically for use with V-Ray and mental ray.
  • 3DM: The native Rhino 3D file format. The SpeedTree worked directly with the Rhino developers to ensure the best possible import quality.
  • OBJ: The ever faithful fallback format. Simple, open, universal.
Platforms: SpeedTree Architect is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac, and Linux.  

Architecture and Landscape Designer 3D software for Vegetation & Tree Modeling

Features Include:

  • Artists can take full control with the SpeedTree Modeler – it handles both ultra-realistic and heavily stylized trees.
  • Export to a variety of popular formats including 3DM, FBX and OBJ. Your trees will come across to Maya®, 3ds Max®, Rhino or other apps perfectly intact, including normals and UVs.
  • FBX Processor scripts for several popular 3D packages including 3ds Max and Houdini, that let you render your trees faithfully in third party apps.
  • Access to the Tree Model Store for purchasing individual tree models.
  • Access to the SpeedTree Forum for community answers.

SpeedTree Modeler will change the way you think about procedural content creation. Never again will you need to sacrifice design choices and settle for a look and feel bound by a limited set of quirky function buttons. In addition, architectural visualization can integrate AutoCAD with trees and lifelike vegetation, customized in a way never before possible.

SpeedTree Modeler Features

    • Break a branch, then cap it realistically – or delete individual branches & leaves entirely.
    • Use forces to curl, twist, or gnarl any tree part.
    • Grow around props. Make trees grow around or inside arbitrary meshes from your world.
    • Scale resolution. Quickly scale the amount of polygonal detail without affecting the shape of your model.
    • Preview dynamics. Test real-time physics interaction, wind, and LOD all in the Modeler.
  • Edit individual tree parts without affecting the rest of the tree. Our node-editing approach lets you tune or delete any branch, frond, or leaf.
  • Weld branches. No more lighting seams or branch intersections.

Specifications & Licensing

Additional Info

Platforms Available: Windows, Mac OSX, Linux
Components: SpeedTree Modeler, Five Species