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Flame® Premium creative finishing software for high-end post-production includes all the Flame products in a collaborative workflow. With Flame Premium, lead Flame artists can oversee projects from the artist-driven visual environment of Flame. Flame artists and assistants can perform finishing tasks at the same time.

Flame Premium includes Flame, Lustre, Flare and Flame Assist

New Features in Flame 2017

3D visual effects

Context-based Flame Desktop workflow

Choose select toolsets for faster task completion.

Video: GPU-accelerated performance helps you work faster to create VFXAction 3D compositing environment

Action tools enable interactive visual fx.

Batch procedural compositing

Build custom trees and tailor effects.

Media management, import/export, and publishing

Get enhanced media management.

Conform Timeline (enhanced)

Make revisions more easily.

Video: High-performance rendering with Stingray technology.Matchbox Camera FX

High-performance rendering with Stingray technology.

Editorial workflow

New camera and format support

Get extended support for cameras and formats.

Workflow improvements

Reel Groups and Batch FX timeline simplify workflows.

Unified approach to media management

Manage media more efficiently in Flame.

Faster conforming

Create multilayer timelines with conform more quickly.

New Features in Flame 2016


3D visual effects

GMask tracer GMask tracer node

Quickly create sophisticated composites using a lightweight spline-based shape tool with integrated chroma keying tools.

Post-production management works with Shotgun Shotgun collaboration service improves the post-production pipeline

With a subscription to the Shotgun collaboration service, you can more easily integrate Flame Premium with other tools in your facility’s post-production pipeline.

With Shotgun, Flame-based facilities can more easily:

  • Exchange file formats between Flame Premium and other post applications like Maya and Nuke.
  • Share shots and sequences between Flame and other creative tools without having to worry about setting up the framework.
  • Share content for review and approval.
  • Load a Shotgun project that includes shots, media and conform metadata from Flame to keep everyone on the same page.

Editorial Workflow

GPU accelerated debayering GPU-accelerated debayering

Provides real-time GPU-accelerated debayering of RED and ARRIRAW source media when using high-performance NVIDIA K6000 or M6000 graphics cards.

Connected conform Connected conform workflow

Get a unified media management approach to share, sort, and sync media across multiple sequences. Users can finish faster in Flame Premium, Flame, and Flare. New capabilities include: Shared Sources, Source Sequence, Shots Sequence, Shared Segment Syncing, and Smart Replace.


Flame Features

3D visual effects

Unparalleled performance

Access unique workflows, creative tools, interactivity, and processing power for every project.

In the interactive creative environment of Flame, there is minimal creative or technical guesswork: what you see on your screen is what you get in your final image. Interactivity and playback performance in Action, Batch, and the timeline is accelerated by Reactor, a 16-bit floating point GPU. And now, artists can accelerate their workflows even more by adding a second GPU to access Flame Background Reactor. This enables them to perform rendering and I/O tasks concurrently, for faster, more efficient background rendering of clips, sequences, and batch setups.

End-to-end 4K workflow

Flame now offers an end-to-end 4K and Ultra HD workflow to help with your most challenging projects.

The creative environment and efficient finishing workflow in Flame now fully supports 4K and Ultra HD throughout your creative process, from ingest and color management to real-time broadcast monitoring and output.


  • Real time play back of 4K material at 50P and 60P
  • More accurate color management with full support of ACES and REC 2020 for Ultra HD
  • New support for broadcast monitoring using SDI for 4K and Ultra HD

3D visual effects and compositing tools (enhanced)

Perform 3D compositing as fast as 2D with exceptional speed and an interactive workflow.

Get a broad range of innovative tools for 3D visual effects, compositing, and advanced graphics within a tightly integrated creative environment:

  • Powerful creative and technical tools that speed workflows, including GPU-accelerated procedural nodes for compositing and image manipulation
  • Action, a 3D compositing environment with the interactive speed of traditional 2D compositing and powerful 3D visual effects.
  • New, unique 3D Shape tool in Action for modeling, masking, logo design, motion graphics, relighting; 3D Shape is 3D geometry that you can build and animate like a Gmask.
  • New Replica creative tool in Action for creating and animating cascading effects, and fast duplication of objects.
  • Enhanced Matchbox GLSL fragment shader for accessing, designing, and adding custom-built GPU-enhanced tools available in Batch and now in the timeline.
  • Multilayer warping workflow in Action.
  • Innovative relighting tools in Action for greater control over 3D lighting effects.
  • 3D object and 3D camera tracking workflow in Action.
  • Point Cloud Object for easier alignment of objects within 3D tracked scenes.
  • Powerful tracking and stabilizing tools for solving 2D and S3D cameras, isolating objects and planes within a scene, and building complex keys and composites.
  • 3D Gmask node in Action.
  • Our best tools for color correction and keying: Colour Warper, Master Keyer, 3D Keyer, and Modular Keyer.

Flame Desktop (enhanced)

The highly responsive visual environment of the Flame Desktop enables faster experimentation and development of your most creative ideas.

The Flame Desktop features tight integration between the desktop reels, the timeline, and the Batch procedural compositing environment with the ability to:

  • Create an unlimited number of reels
  • Instantly view the timeline of any clip
  • Drag multiple clips directly from the reels to the timeline and Batch
  • View and play back Batch renders in the full-screen Player, without leaving Batch
  • Combine gestural and hotkey driven editorial operations
  • Perform complex editorial work on Batch sources while viewing the results in a new Batch context view (new)
  • Save all creative work, including Batch setups, with a single click using the Save Desktop operation (new)

Action 3D compositing environment

With a range of effects creation tools in Action, you can create visual effects, correct image problems, add lighting effects to 3D composites, and more.

Gain the interactive speed of traditional 2D compositing and powerful 3D visual effects.

GPU-accelerated performance helps you work faster to create visual effects as you blend:

  • Multiresolution media layers
  • 3D lighting effects
  • Geometry


Batch procedural compositing

Batch, a node-based procedural compositing environment that features the Flame creative toolset, is tightly integrated with the timeline and Flame Desktop.

Increase your efficiency with a better workflow and faster performance when building composites in Batch.

  • Build custom processing trees as you tailor effects to the task at hand.
  • Version shots with Batch snapshots or break complex composites into easier-to-manage subsections.
  • Convert sections of Batch trees into a Batch FX clip for timeline editing and improved performance.
  • Work fast and interactively with GPU acceleration via Reactor, the Batch GPU/CPU processing pipeline.

Modern color management (enhanced)

More easily mix footage from digital cinema cameras, film scans, and video with support for ACES, the Academy Color Encoding System 16-bit format.

The optimized, floating-point color-processing engine in Flame uses the Academy/ASC color transform format and provides the color transforms needed to convert between the ACES reference color space and a wide variety of input and output devices. This enables better creative feedback by providing an accurate and consistent representation of floating-point linear color spaces across editing, 3D VFX, and grading.

New in Flame 2015: support for REC 2020, the video standard for Ultra HD.

Stereoscopic 3D finishing

Take on finishing challenging stereoscopic 3D (S3D) post-production projects.

For true 3D visual effects, Flame helps you deliver S3D projects faster.

  • S3D compositing workflow in Action
  • Multilayer S3D timeline workflow between 3D color grading and visual effects in Flame Premium
  • Relighting tools integrated into S3D compositing workflow for easier management of lighting artifacts
  • Integration with Maya 3D animation software via FBX asset exchange technology and multichannel render pass workflow

Workflow with 3D

Use CG assets in finishing via open workflows with 3D animation software and make changes in post when speed and interactivity are essential.

  • Share rich 3D assets between animators and visual effects artists throughout your pipeline using FBX asset exchange technology.
  • Control over shading and texturing inside Action lets you make creative decisions in an interactive environment.
  • Exchange point-cached animated geometry quickly and efficiently through Alembic open CG interchange format support.
  • Exchange render passes between animators and visual effects artists for compositing.
  • Build custom render pass workflows between CG pipelines and finishing. Accommodate changes and updated versions when working on CG-intensive post-production projects.
  • Track multiple render passes and versions from CG using Autodesk’s open clip with an open XML structure.

Editorial workflow

Full timeline creative workflow (enhanced)

Oversee projects, easily create consistent looks, and correctly match graded and 3D VFX shots to editorial intention using the redesigned timeline.

Supported by Reactor, the GPU-driven pipeline, the timeline provides greater interactivity and effects workflow. With a rich multilayer editorial feature set for building timelines from scratch or matching offline cuts, the timeline enables you to:

  • Open multiple sequences for brainstorming and versioning
  • Apply visual effects to segments, source timelines, vertical edits, or gaps, including new timeline effects (blur, gmask, flip, 2D transform, comp, and a single layer Action)
  • Preview effects without rendering
  • Offload rendering to a second GPU that is dedicated to processing shots as you work (new)

Unified approach to media management (enhanced)

Designed for faster browsing and easier organization, the new MediaHub consolidates media management tools into a single area.

The MediaHub helps you more easily browse, search, organize, import, and export multiple files at once; resize and apply LUTs (lookup tables) to files on import; and apply presets from one central location. When you are working in a particular project, the Media Panel provides access to all project media through an always-accessible gateway where you can easily organize, save, and sort source clips, sequences, reels, desktops, and Batch setup snapshots.

New in Flame 2015, Media Panel enhancements make it easier to browse, move, copy, and organize your assets. You can display and scrub larger proxies in both full screen and dual view modes. And a new Dual Library View and structural improvements provide artists with more control over media organization.

Faster conforming

Access an extensive set of conforming and troubleshooting tools in a single task-based area for faster creation of multilayer timelines.

With tight integration between the timeline, event list, and media, you can relink faster, troubleshoot more effectively, and more efficiently aggregate the final timeline. Visual cues, a color-code event list, one-click relinking of matched shots, and an integrated player for shot verification all help to conform timelines and resolve issues quickly.

Flame includes advanced conform tools:

  • Conform multilayer timelines using EDL, AAF, Apple Final Cut Pro 7 and Final Cut Pro X XML files
  • Broad format support: Sony XAVC, Sony F65, F5, F55, XDCAM HD; Importing Sony SSTP (MXF), XAVC-S formats (new); REDCODE RAW format, Epic HDRx, ARRIRAW; Panasonic P2; Apple QuickTime format including new support for BlackMagic Design 10-bit uncompressesed; Apple ProRes codec (decode only); MXF format; Avid DNxHD format; AVC-Intra, AVCHD format, H.264;  Adobe Photoshop format including new support for 16-bit layered files; Multi-channel OpenEXR 2.0 without deep pixel support and new support for OpenEXR Multiparts; and 4:4:4 RGB image sequences

Audio tools

Access a full set of timeline-based audio editing and processing tools.

Audio tools include:

  • Real-time playback of up to 32 audio tracks
  • Segment-based audio soft effects for full audio editing and mixing capabilities



Lustre Features

Nonlinear color grading

Get a rich creative toolset for primary and secondary grading; ideal for color grading a broad range of projects. 

  • Provides exceptional interactivity with advanced GPU rendering technology.
  • Multilayer timelines and gestural tools for nonlinear color grading enable you to make edits and grade versions more quickly.
  • Compare multiple shots in your sequence, jump between shots instantly, and see them side by side in different contexts for a faster nonlinear workflow, giving you more time to experiment with grades and variations.

Interoperability with VFX

With interoperability between Lustre for grading and Flame for visual effects, you can take your projects more easily through finishing. 

Tackle conform, look development, color grading, and visual effects creation using professional post-production tools that share a common UI and design heritage. Work faster and more efficiently from a single set of data as you move between grading and finishing applications.

GPU-accelerated performance

Get real-time color grading tools that enable you to iterate as you develop the ideal look for your project.

With support for graphics processing unit (GPU) technology, Lustre enables you to work faster when grading complex multilayer timelines. Preview primary and secondary grades in real time at high resolution on both mono- and stereoscopic projects.

Stereoscopic 3D grading

Get stereoscopic grading capabilities, including exchange of stereoscopic timelines with Flame in creative 3D finishing processes. 

The combined capabilities of Lustre and Flame in Flame Premium enable artists to develop multilayer S3D timeline workflows between 3D color grading and visual effects. 

Flexible grading workflow in Flame Premium

Move easily between 3D VFX and real-time color grading with Flame Premium.

End-to-end finishing tools help save time by nondestructively moving multilayer timelines between Lustre for grading and Flame for finishing, whether you are adding color grading to visual effects, or adding visual effects finishing to grading.


Flare Features

Scalable, flexible access

Flare fits into your Flame-based workflow with flexible licensing and hardware choices. 

Easily and cost-effectively add more Flare licenses to add compositing power to your finishing pipeline. With new, more flexible licensing options, you can add extra creative licenses to increase creative throughput in your facility. And, you can install Flare on a variety of workstations, including hardware previously used for Flame, as well as access Flame creative tools when and where you need them with Flare floating licenses.

Flare in Flame Premium

Flare is a key creative component of the Flame-based collaborative process in Flame Premium. Now included in Flame Premium.

  • Individual Flame products can share projects and perform a variety of tasks concurrently for faster turnaround.
  • Facilities can better manage workloads by distributing tasks to different Flame products.
  • Interoperability between the Flame products enables artists to work in individual workspaces within the same project, and publish media to shared libraries.

Expanded creative capacity

Flare enables you to get more out of your Flame investment.

Flare is based on the Flame creative tools you already use, including Batch node-based compositing and the Action 3D layer-based compositing environment. With the addition of one or more Flare stations, you can expand your creative capacity to handle more shots in a project and build a more efficient 3D finishing post-production pipeline.

Exclusive for Flame and Flame Premium customers

Flare is a software-only offering exclusively available for current Flame and Flame Premium software customers.

Fully compatible with Flame, Flare helps you expand your creative capabilities in a collaborative, Flame-based process. Flare is now an included and integral part of Flame Premium. 

More digital compositing power

Access more tools, more workflow options, and more of the professional and creative advantages that Flame brings through Flare software.

Flare can help you speed up visual effects creation, providing more artists access to the familiar creative environment of Flame. Flare provides another point of access to the Flame creative tools you already use for visual effects creation and look development, including:

  • Batch for node-based compositing
  • The Action layer-based 3D compositing environment
  • The entire Batch and Action creative toolset for 3D compositing, tracking, text, masking, keying, and relighting
  • GPU-accelerated procedural nodes that range in use from basic compositing to powerful image manipulation
  • Flame color management tools
  • S3D compositing workflow in Action


Flame Assist Features

Exclusive for Flame and Flame Premium customers

Flame Assist is a timeline-based software-only offering on the Mac that is exclusively available for current Flame and Flame Premium customers. 

With full project compatibility with Flame, Flame Assist helps you speed up project turnaround in a collaborative, Flame-based workflow. Flame Assist is included in Flame Premium 2015.

Increase creative finishing productivity

Flame Assist is designed to free up Flame artists to concentrate on high-end visual effects work and oversee projects.

Flame Assist enables facilities to offload supporting tasks, including:

  • Project setup
  • Media management
  • Import and export
  • Archiving and restoring

More efficient conform and timeline versioning

Flame Assist is another point of access to the powerful conform toolset in Flame.

This new offering helps facilities keep up with editorial changes coming from offline by offloading the conform process to assistant artists. It includes access to advanced conform tools:

  • Conform multilayer timelines using EDL, AAF, Apple Final Cut Pro 7, and Final Cut Pro X XML files.
  • Broad format support: Sony XAVC, Sony F65, F5, F55, XDCAM HD; importing Sony SSTP (MXF), XAVC-S formats (new); REDCODE RAW format, Epic HDRx; ARRIRAW; Panasonic P2; Apple QuickTime format, including new support for BlackMagic Design 10-bit uncompressed; Apple ProRes codec; MXF format; Avid DNxHD format; AVC-Intra, AVCHD format, H.264; Adobe Photoshop format, including new support for 16-bit layered files; multichannel OpenEXR 2.0 (without deep pixel support), and new support for OpenEXR Multiparts; 4:4:4 RGB image sequences.

Scalable licensing

Flame Assist fits into your Flame-based post-production workflow. You can cost-effectively add Flame Assist licenses when production needs rise.

When project demands increase, you can easily add more Flame Assist licenses to your creative finishing workflow. Flexible licensing options enable facilities to cost-effectively add Flame Assist licenses to increase project throughput and productivity.

Flame Assist in Flame Premium

Flame Assist is a key component of the collaborative post-production process in Flame Premium.

  • Individual Flame products can share projects and perform different tasks at the same time for faster turnaround.
  • Facilities can better manage workloads by distributing tasks to different Flame products.
  • Interoperability between Flame products enables artists to work in individual workspaces within the same project, and publish media to shared libraries.




Specifications & Licensing

Flare System Requirements

Operating System

Autodesk® Flare™ 2018 software is supported only on the following operating systems:

  • Mac OS X 10.10.x Yosemite, 10.11.x El Capitan, or 10.12.x Sierra
  • CentOS 7.2

Determining the Appropriate OS

Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system is a commercial Linux distribution, which requires a subscription fee. Red Hat offers several types of enterprise-class support, along with training, documentation, and consulting. This distribution is recommended for most users, especially if you need assistance with Linux system administration and configuration. Note that Autodesk does not provide Linux system administration and configuration support.

CentOS is a free, enterprise-class Linux distribution derived from the Red Hat Enterprise Linux sources. It is built and maintained by the online community. Unofficial support and documentation are freely available online, through mailing lists, and discussion groups. Use this distribution if you are an experienced Linux user and do not need support with Linux system administration and configuration.


Hardware Requirements

At a minimum, Autodesk® Flare™ 2018 software requires these supported hardware specifications:

  • Mac Pro (Late 2013)
  • iMac Retina 5K (Late 2015)
  • HP Z840 (Linux)
  • HP Z440 (Linux)
  • Dell T7910 (vendor qualified)
  • Lenovo P910 (vendor qualified)

Storage Solutions Self-Qualified by Vendor:
  • Infortrend EonStor DS 4024 & JB 3024
  • Quantum X cellis Scale-out and workflow storage
  • Dell EMC Isilon Scale out Storage
  • Netapp E5600 Hybrid-Flash Array
Legacy Certified Workstations:
  • HP Z820
  • HP Z800 (2nd Gen)



The Flame Premium license is a single license that provides customers with access to Flame, Smoke Advanced and Lustre for use on a single workstation. One application will be able to be run at a given time.

Just like Flame, Smoke, and Lustre, Flame Premium will be sold with a node-locked license. However, Autodesk® Subscription customers will be able to access Media & Entertainment Creative Finishing EDGE to acquire a network license.

A network license allows one or more Flame Premium licenses to be assigned by a license server (up to the number of purchased licenses). Subscription customers can install the network license on a server and install Flame Premium on multiple workstations for flexible deployment. Artists will then be able to run Flame Premium on their workstations with the maximum number of concurrent users equal to the number of purchased licenses. For more information on license server installation and configuration, refer to the Autodesk Creative Finishing 2013 Installation and Configuration Guide for Linux Workstations.


Additional Info

Upgrades / Support


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Flame Premium is available with Autodesk® Subscription

Customers holding subscription contracts will be able to transfer one or all licenses to Flame Premium. Autodesk Subscription customers will not have to purchase a new subscription contract for their licenses until their existing Autodesk Subscription contract expires as per the Autodesk Subscription Cross-Grading Policy.


Flame Premium Subscription
Autodesk Subscription helps customers get the most out of Flame Premium software

  • Subscription is a cost-effective way to keep your Autodesk software up-to-date. For an annual fee, you’ll receive any upgrades released during your Subscription term, so you not only have the latest features, but also technical support and extensions.
  • Subscription software extensions for Subscription customers give you early access to the latest software technology.
  • Immediate access to upgrades: Whether you’re entitled to a full product upgrade or a Subscription software extension, you’ll never have to wait for a box shipment again. As a Subscription customer, in most countries you can download new software as soon as it is available.
  • Only Autodesk Subscription customers can install a network version license and install Flame Premium on multiple workstations for flexible deployment.
  • Unlimited Licenses of Autodesk Burn 2013 software
  • Access to the Creative Finishing Edge support portal: With direct access to Support, Autodesk Subscription customers have the hotline and email support they need.\