finalRender R2 for Maya 2009-2011 is an advanced rendering system that offers the latest, state of the art rendering technology. The system is designed to fit your growing needs for better image output from Maya and is the most affordable rendering solution of all times.

finalRender Stage-2 for Maya offers a truly distributed network rendering concept which will allow you to use multiple PC's in a network to render one image. Distributed Network rendering offers many unique features and functions to enhance rendering speed utilizing massive parallel rendering technology. finalRender Stage-2 offers a powerful system to separate specific render data into separate layers (images) and best of all, multiple render elements are created in one single render pass.

In finalRender Stage-2 utilizes Micro Triangle Displacement (MTD) an advanced rendering method that gives the user the ability to create more surface detail for their models by generating and displacing extra triangles. The extra triangles are created only at render time which means that even 100 million Micro-Triangles will not hamper the performance of your system's memory. finalRender's Micro Triangle Displacement helps you create even more realistic surfaces than before. As you would expect, MTD is also supported by Global Illumination and other raytracing effects.

Large production houses will love the flexibility and the ease of transferring already made shaders and materials to the highly optimized finalRender Stage-2 rendering system.  Besides this, finalRender Stage-2 is a platform independent rendering solution that will work perfectly in a mixed environment where Maya® and CINEMA 4D are used.  Only one rendering system for both platforms will be needed! finalRender Stage-2 will render the exact same output from Maya or CINEMA 4D - 95% of the render settings are identical and can be easily re-used or transferred.



  • Support for Maya 2009, Maya 2010 and Maya 2011
  • 32-Bit support
  • 64-Bit support 
  • Full Maya stereo camera rendering support
  • Enhanced multi-core support for even faster translation times
  • Updated licensing model: <32 cores per license (16 local+16 remote) 
  • Real-world physical camera exposure model
  • Supported polygons, rendertime subdiv, NURBS, Maya hierarchical subdivs without exceptions
  • Dedicated, ready-to-render finalRender material
  • Particles, including support of per-particle data (even on particle-instanced geometry)
  • Advanced texture baking
  • Many custom shaders, including shaderGrind with which to develop your own
  • Ultra fast, flicker free GI
  • Maya Shading Network support
  • finalRender Stage-2 shader SDK (ships with the product)
  • True distributed network rendering
  • High resolution bitmap rendering >20k
  • Support for image file formats including OpenEXR, RPF and RLA
  • Photometric light support
  • True area shadow support
  • Real area light support
  • Network rendering support
  • Particle rendering
  • Fast 3d motion blur
  • Advanced caustic rendering effects
  • Highly optimized skin shader included
  • Special multi-million polygon rendering mode
  • Automatic and scene-dependent ray tracing optimization
  • Multiple real world cameras 
  • True micro-triangle displacement support
  • Advanced fast NURBS tessellation
  • Efficient geometry instancing
  • Native support for ReelSmart Motionblur (2d)
  • Sub-division surfaces at render time



Specifications & Licensing

System Requirements

Windows 32 Bit & 64 Bit

Works with:

  • Maya 2010 and 2009 32 Bit & 64 Bit
  • Cinema 4D



All CEBAS product licenses are floating licenses.  CEBAS product downloads include floating license manager. 

If running on a single workstation, you can install the license manager on it alongside the main application.

Licenses are available in the following options:

  • finalRender Stage2 for Maya incl. Translator
  • Additional finalRender Translator for Maya
  • Additional Renderfarm License (inc. RF-Translator)
  • Rental Renderfarm License (inc. RF-Translator). Per license, for 7 days rental.

The installer that is downloaded includes installation options for license manager, Plug-in and render node.

For network licenses you must install the license manager on your license server first then activate your key on the license server.  After that you can install the Plug-in on your 3ds Max workstation, launch 3ds Max and access the plug-in from within. When you first attempt to use the Plug-in you will be prompted to activate or give a license server host name. Once you enter your license server info you will be able to use the plugin.

For render nodes, follow the same steps above for the workstation, after you have successfully accessed the plugin from within 3ds Max on the render node, shutdown 3ds Max and your done.



A Renderfarm license is meant for full frame network rendering (max. 10 local CPU's) and to add additional Distributed Network Rendering CPU's (max. 10). Each Renderfarm license includes all the latest translators for the supported platforms. Every Renderfarm translator (RF-Translator) is meant to be used for network rendering only and will not work in interactive mode.

To have an additional interactive license for MAYA, for example, an additional finalRender Translator for MAYA must be ordered. Every Renderfarm license of finalRender Stage-2 can then be used as a full interactive modeling license.

Licenses can be freely used between multiple applications for full frame network rendering or distributed rendering.

Additional Info



New Product no upgrades available


 RFX is available for all your support needs.

  • CEBAS offers email support and online Wiki support page