Autodesk, Thinkbox & LA SIGGRAPH Event

June 09, 2015 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Please join Autodesk, Thinkbox & LA SIGGRAPH on Tuesday, June 9th for a meetup at Gnomon in Hollywood.

Join us after work for an evening of expert product presentations, training and networking with Autodesk & Thinkbox. Enjoy refreshments while learning about the latest features in Maya 2016, 3ds Max 2016, Deadline, Sequoia & more!


​​Gary M. Davis​ ​of Autodesk will be​ ​detailing​ ​the​ ​new enhancements to​ ​3ds Max​ ​2016.
Originally schooled as a fine artist in photography and animation, Gary M. Davis (@garydvisualz) has been involved in providing CG for TV/film, games/simulation and architectural visualization for over twenty years. He has authored several books and routinely lectures at industry conferences including GDC, NAB, SigGraph and Autodesk University. At SigGraph 2007, Davis was named an Autodesk 3ds Max Master and shortly thereafter, joined Autodesk as a Senior Technical Specialist with the Media & Entertainment division. He is an active member of The VES & Mensa and​ ​maintains “Amalgamation”; a workflow tips & tricks blog, at Gary is based out of Orlando, Florida USA.

Marcel de Jong of Autodesk will be showing some of the new features of Maya 2016. His primary focus is Maya for Film/TV production. Studios he works with are Disney, Pixar, ILM and a range of medium sized studios. He also worked as a FX consultant for studios such as Digital Domain, DreamQuest, and Warner Digital. Production experience or credits on films like Inspector Gadget, Batman Returns, Pirates of the Caribbean and more. His background is in industrial design and did work for design studios such as Honda R&D. His design work has been published in ‘Popular Mechanics’, ‘ID magazine’, ‘CGW’, ‘Innovation’ and co-authored ‘Fluids’ for MayaSavvy 4.5. He was a winner of the 1999 IDSA Design Excellence Awards and his education is from UT Arlington and Art Center College of Design. He is a co-founder of Gnomon and taught there for 11 years.

As founder and CEO of Thinkbox Software (@thinkboxsoft), Chris Bond brings technology and visualization to the world of high-performance computing. He formed Thinkbox in 2010 after re-acquiring technology that he started building at Frantic Films, a company he launched in 1997 that became one of the fastest growing technology corporations in Canada and North America. Beyond his entrepreneurial endeavors, Chris has VFX Supervisor credits on dozens of feature films and has collaborated on over 40 film projects in a variety of creative and technical roles across pre-visualization, production and post-production. He is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and also consults privately via his corporation The Secret Service.

Thinkbox Software developer James Coulter has been writing code ever since he learned how to create games on his parents’ TI-99/4A computer. Working in computer graphics and visual effects since the late 90s, he’s written everything from fluid solvers and particle systems to shaders and pipeline tools. James is presently responsible for software design, architecture and prototyping at Thinkbox, focusing on the cloud functionality of the company’s Deadline render management software. Prior to joining Thinkbox, James spent time at Prime Focus as the Head of Pipeline and Director of Development. He has also handled pipeline development for Frantic Films, Digital Dimension and Nucleus Communications. 

Featured Software:

Deadline is Thinkbox Software’s hassle-free high-volume compute management system for Windows-, Linux-, and Mac OS X-based render farms. It scales for render farms of any size, and supports over 70 rendering packages out of the box. The latest version – Deadline 7.1 – includes built-in VMX (Virtual Machine Extension) capabilities that allow artists and developers to access render core resources from both public and private clouds including Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and OpenStack for flexible on-demand compute.

Sequoia is a powerful new standalone tool in development by Thinkbox Software for converting particle and point cloud data to geometry. Tailored for applications in the architecture, engineering and construction markets, it establishes a new way of working with Thinkbox’s artist tools, enabling efficient 3D data visualization by creating a single mesh from particles, vertex clouds or laser scan data. The software can also be used to generate textured meshes for VR and virtual environments from lidar scans or photogrammetry. Compatible across platforms, Sequoia ingests or exports data in industry standard formats for seamless pipeline integration and its proprietary application framework embraces out-of-core asynchronous parallel processing, helping users work faster, easier and with data sets that exceed actual memory.

Maya & 3ds Max are part of the Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite
Visual effects artists, modelers, and animators use Entertainment Creation Suite to help accelerate 3D modeling and sculpting, mocap editing, and advanced character animation and visual effects.

Tuesday, June 9th 2015
7:00 - Meet & Greet (food & drinks)
8:00 - Presentations
9:30 - Drinks & Discussion

Gnomon School
1015 N Cahuenga Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90038

Seats are limited, so be sure to RSVP!


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Looking forward to seeing you there!